Uses of Profile Pictures on our pages


Uses of Profile Pictures on our pages, social sites. Do you often change your profile (avatar) pic?Do you often change your profile (avatar) picture in your blog/webpage, and social media?

If we do will it make any difference in our ranking etc?

What do you say about people who often changes their profile pictures?

Also, what is your opinion about using quotes, objects like sceneries, flowers, animals, political leaders, world leaders, god and goddesses, company logos as their profile pics, do you support this. Will this give any drawback to our rankings?



I feel our profile pic matters a lot when it comes to Social Media, it shouldn’t have any filter effect or anything, it should just be natural and it should have only ‘you’ alone in the pic if you are into some serious influencer marketing stuff or… even personal branding.

I don’t have any idea about quotes or sceneries bro, maybe once in a while, but not as a serious profile pic. Most of the fake profiles use celebrities, or any other quote pic.


Thanks @pradeepkumar for your quick response, Yes, I fully agree with you.
But ,my doubt here is if we change as often, will that make any difference in our ranking?


No mate, I don’t think so. It’ll effect personally, but for Google, it’s not a big issue. Once upon a time, we used to get our author images in Google search engine results, maybe for that, this could have helped… but alas.