Use this Form to Report Suicidal Content on Facebook



We have encountered plenty of Social Media disasters recently, and people are expressing their depression on Facebook, Twitter, etc… and sometimes we take them lightly, but sometimes, they are sad, they are cornered, and they are facing depression. There could be several reasons behind this, let’s not get into that in detail, but if you encounter any such ‘Suicidal Content’ on Facebook, then kindly use this form.

You can fill all the necessary information in this form and send it to Facebook. I’m sure they’ll have a dedicated team for monitoring these entries and take relevant action asap. I haven’t tried this form personally, but I’m sure this will be effective. Do this for someone you care; they need our support.

Follow “Facebook Forms” tag to check all the necessary “Forms” to contact Facebook!


wow, this is actually a very serious and important matter. Good to see this topic on this forum.