Use "Predictive Analysis" Strategy to get MORE Traffic in the Future!


There is something called “Predictive Analysis” which can be suitable for Blogging and SEO related scenarios as well.

Wikipedia uses technical terms to explain this:

“Predictive analytics encompasses a variety of statistical techniques from predictive modeling, machine learning, and data mining that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about the future or otherwise unknown events.”

When I heard the news about Christopher Nolan making a film about “Dunkirk (2017)” I was excited AF as both a movie lover and a movie blogger.

I started to research more about the movie, the plot, release date, and other key factors. I know for sure it’ll take at least a year for this movie to be released, so I decided to work on our blog and blog posts matching this whole thing.

Some of the primary things I analyzed:

  1. It’s a War Movie.

  2. It’s a Hollywood War Movie.

  3. It’s a War Movie Based on a True Story.

  4. It’s a World War II Movie.

  5. And much more.

So, I know for sure that our article “Hollywood War Movies Based On True Stories” will be a good match for this.

I decided to optimize our blog and our article further to make sure we get good traffic when this movie releases.

We have a bunch of articles related to “War Movies” and “Movies Based on True/Real Stories.”

We made proper natural SEO for them.

Before the movie launch, we used to get, let’s say ABCD traffic for this article, but after the movie, we got like ABCDEFG traffic for this. People got excited about War Movies, and they started to search more about this.

They used plenty of keywords online, like War Movies, Military Movies, Army Movies, History Movies, WW1, WWI, WWII, WW Two, etc. They used all sorts of comfortable keywords and Google suggested keywords to see movies similar to “Dunkirk (2017),” and this is where we managed to occupy and give them suitable results.

I want to call this “Predictive Analysis” even if it doesn’t suit because once you can ‘predict’ what’s going to happen, you can quickly start working on your blog posts.

We made an article about “Offbeat Vampire Movies” now because we got some sources saying a famous director (or actor) will make a vampire movie soon and we are working now to focus on all the genres related to this because, by the time that movie comes, this will be a significant advantage for us.

You can follow Movie Blogs, Twitter and Google Trends to analyze upcoming movies or collaborations, that’ll be really helpful for you. If you can predict a particular to be popular or trendsetter, then people will search for similar ones online, it’s as simple as that. Let’s say a Tamil movie XYZ in Horror Genre launches and becomes a blockbuster, then it reaches people from all over India and the World, then they’ll search for more “Tamil Horror Movies” and ask for “Movies similar to XYZ.” You just need to do your research and predict this or more topic ideas.

This is just a small experiment, but our work at MoviesDrop and other brands are always trial and error. Best wishes.