Use JioCloud's MailChamp to Unsubscribe Unwanted (or Spam) Emails!


Nothing makes your life peaceful than a clean and organized Email Inbox. Most of the subscriptions will be advertisements to confuse and tempt us, but if you don’t need them then you need to ‘unsubscribe’ once and for all because today it’s just a single email, but after a few months it’ll be 100+ without even your realization.

We found a cool tool from Jio to unsubscribe unwanted emails from Gmail.

1. Go to JioCloud’s MailChamp.

2. Allow JioCloud to access your Google (Gmail) Account. Make sure you pick the required email address for unsubscription.

3. You can use this panel to “Group it,” “Keep in Inbox,” and “Unsubscribe.” This is a pretty clean interface. I unsubscribed over 15 unwanted emails, and it makes me feel pretty satisfied. I don’t open their emails anyway, so it just feels good to remove unnecessary things in life.

Do check this out and let us know if it helps you to keep an organized, neat Gmail Inbox or not!


I like this idea! But, given that it’s from Jio, I am a bit skeptical about using it - privacy and ads. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it better than tools like Amit’s script?


I haven’t actually used Amit’s script, but I used Unroll.Me previously, but heard it got into some issues recently. JioCloud’s MailChamp is simple, I gave access, unsubscribed and that’s all. I’ll try the alternatives and update which one is better overall. :slight_smile:


That’s great idea. I’m overwhelmed with unnecessary email and tired of unsubscribing them one by one. Its a good idea. When my work done I’ll also disconnect Jio cloud. Because their ads also sucks.
Thanks for sharing such valuable info.