Use Google Analytics to learn how customers interact with your website



Want to know more about your visitors/readers/customers and their behavior when they visit your website? There is an easy way to figure this out, thanks to Google Analytics and this awesome add-on from Google.

You can install Page Analytics (by Google) Chrome extension for this, this is an official plugin add-on from Google and this enables you to see how your customers interact with your website pages.

After activating this plugin, you can open your website and at the top you will find all the useful metrics like bounce rate, real-time visitors, %exit, etc… your website will be analyzed completely.

You can use this data to improve your website further, like you can work on the page loading speed, remove the ads, overall optimizing it further. Make sure you log out from other Google accounts and just use the one associated with your Google Analytics account.

Have you used this extension? Do check this out if you haven’t and share your views with us. :slight_smile:

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How to check weather Google Analytics and Webmaster crawling data properly?
I am not able to see Real Time Data


Not sure whethere there is any plugin or extension for this bro, but I’ll check and update you. :slight_smile: