Use Bing to find the Domain Names hosted on a Web Hosting Server



We rarely talk about, which is one of the underrated search engines and thankfully it is still active on the web. I’m gonna share a neat trick by which you can quickly grab almost all the domain names hosted on a web hosting server (if they have a single IP address).

Like, if you know and if you want to know all the other domain names in the same web hosting server, then this trick/tip will definitely help you to find those!

1) First, you need to find the IP address of the domain name, take for example, we already know the IP address, but you can mention your desired domain name in macOS’s Terminal or Windows’s Command Prompt and use this command:


2) Then, go to and type this search query:


Here ‘’ is the IP address of, but you need to enter your desired domain name’s IP address here.

So, this search query trick didn’t really reveal all our blogs, but it shows all the major ‘active’ ones we have on our server. This trick will not work on websites having dedicated IP addresses, so just experiment and see how it works for you.

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