Twitter Tweets showing Different Date & Time? Did this cause that?


So, I was making a social media picture for DeviceBAR, like, I take a screenshot of a tweet, edit it and make it as a square picture with our branding. It was a promotional way for us to share the message + brand ourselves.

I recently took this tweet’s screenshot when I didn’t log into my Twitter account:

I again took this screenshot when I logged into my account profile:

The 1st one shows a different time with May 10th, and the 2nd one shows a different time with May 11th.

I have to delete that picture I created because it was annoyingly confusing for me. I didn’t want to put any misleading information, even a wrong date can cause serious issues.

This was pretty interesting for me. Is this because of different timelines? It happens for the latest new tweets and not the old ones for me. Do kindly check it on your end and see if you are facing this same issue.