Try this and get "Extra" traffic from Google "Videos" Search Results!



How many of you using “Video SEO by Yoast” plugin? I think this is a MUST for everyone by default. Let me share a small example…

We wrote a blog post about “Mulholland Drive [Dr.] (2001) Review” on MoviesDrop, and it’s just a text review, not a video one. So by default, it was ranking somewhere in SERP, but after implementing “Video SEO” plugin, it helped me to appear on the “Videos” tab (because of the YouTube video I kept inside the article) and we ranked in a good way (it often fluctuates though), by this, we got more quality traffic.

If you have articles with embedded YouTube, Vimeo or any 3rd party hosted videos, then you should definitely try this to rank and get more traffic efficiently.