Track your stats using Google Analytics!


#1 is a pretty awesome service, they are from the makers of Snagit and Camtasia, yes, TechSmith that is. You get 2 GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth per month for free. They have a pro account as well, but I’m sure you can skip it for now. They are optimized for images and web friendly videos. The best part about is, you can connect your Google Analytics account with this and track your shares/stats.

Google Analytics

Go to your Google Analytics account > Admin > Properties > New Property. Here you can create a new property for, just copy the Tracking ID (under Basic Settings) and keep it, we’ll need that later. After completing all the details, save it. That’s all.

Note: Make sure you keep “” as the “Default URL”. "My Account"

Go to > My Account, there you’ll have the option to enter Google Analytics key under ‘Preference’ section. It’s a tracking code (Like: UA-XXXXX-X) and you can use Google Analytics to monitor your page activity with this. Copy/paste the “Tracking ID” here and save!

So, now, whenever you share your link (Take this for example:, you can track the analytics with the help of Google.