Tips for buying and Implementing Social Signals Online [For Newbies]



I’ve been experimenting with Social Signals from Fiverr, DigitalPoint and SEOClerks since past 45 days. I’ll post the detailed case study of the negative/positive impact on the ranking soon. Here are few things which everyone should take care of before buying

  • Don’t get attracted to gigs like 5K Social Signals until and unless you know the info about each social signals.

  • Don’t go for BULK Facebook Social Signals! Don’t! If you are suddenly buying excess 5k shares or 5k Facebook Reactions for your post, there’s a chance that your link might be banned from Facebook for spamming. (One of my site was banned)

  • As mentioned in above point, the best way to start with Facebook Social Signals is 200-500 Social Signals (Likes + Shares). This I mentioned in my last case study too.

  • If you have a new site, go for Google+ ‘+1s’ instead of shares from different IDs. It would be completely unnatural for a new website to suddenly have bulk Google+ shares. You can find different gigs on these sites.

  • Go for quality instead of quantity. If you see a gig for $1 providing 5k social signals, kindly avoid! Most of them are using bots and that won’t do much for you.

  • Make sure you request the seller to include keywords while providing social signals. They’ll only ask for URL but you need to request them to add keywords to the post. This works pretty well for Twitter. Ask them to use your keywords as Hashtags to improve the visibility.

  • Provide Social Signals to your Post instead of your main URL if it’s a new site. For old sites, it doesn’t matter much.

  • SEOClerks provides you first gig worth $5 for free of cost if you have the free $5 coupon. I have provided that coupon for free to almost 100s of users from this group but I found them selling those coupons/account in other groups so I have decided I won’t provide anymore. You can still find lots of other people with that coupon. You can use that coupon to get your first gig for free and try the social signals gigs for your site.

I hope this is useful.

Suggested Sites: 1. DigitalPoint (Best Marketplace)
2. Fiverr
3. SEOClerks

UPDATE: If you have access to BlackHatWorld, they have better social signals gigs than SEOClerks or Fiverr but might be costly.


Thank you for posting this thread. I totally agree with that “Don’t buy in bulk” point.
Almost every SMM panel is using bots to provide social signals. Is there anyone providing REAL social signals??

I’m thinking to go with Boosting but there are many niches that can’t be promoted via Facebook or any other platform. What are your thoughts on it??? let me tag @pradeepkumar as well for his precious thoughts.


What kind of ‘niches’ exactly bro? Can you kindly share an example, please? :slight_smile: