Thumbnail and Post Title Issue while sharing in facebook


Whenever i share my URL to the page,

It simply display my Home page URL without any thumbnail.If we click on it, it was directed to the article.
I tried facebook debug tool and got the following errors :frowning:

Can someone help me in solving this issue?


Hi @thandavakrishnatk, which domain registrar and web hosting you are using bro?

Can you kindly check whether you have entered your “Nameservers” properly? :slight_smile:


bigrock and vapourhost.will check and update you bro


@pradeepkumar bro .Everything is fine with nameservers and hosting and i even contacted them.No issues regarding them.What might be the issue.I didn’t even made any change in coding files except removing the single line in footer.php


Oops, looking into this again bro, but you enabled this option in Yoast SEO, right?

And since when you are facing this issue bro? Did you install any plugins (especially social media ones) recently?


Yeah, bro that is enabled.

It’s one of my friend sites.Just started with it.Installed Sydney Business theme from the official link as well.Didn’t Make any changes to the code to.No plugins are installed except the Sydney theme requirement plugins(They are not social related ones).

Thinking it as a theme problem i installed studio pro theme and the issue was same.

I even tried using the big images too.Unable to find out the actual issue bro :frowning:


Can you kindly share the URL bro? It’ll be helpful for me to check, you can share it here or you can DM. :slight_smile:


Same issue here. Tried everything but still facing the same problem


[Solved ] I did everything deleted database from mysql, changed theme, Changed nameservers, Installed different plugins, Enabled Open graph in Yoast etc etc etc but none of them are worked .
Contacted Host regarding this they are helpless. After chaning my host this issue is solved. Now i can able to display my Posts thumbnail in facebook.