The $1000 Blog: Your Investments to Make your Blog THE BEST!


New year, new start, but if you want to start a blog, you can do that even within $10 budget or less than that, but why $100 or $1000? What makes them so unique? If making money online is your primary intention, then that’s fine, you’ll earn for a while, but, if you want to build a brand and establish an authority, then trust me, always remember this mantra - “Invest more to earn/learn more.”

$1000 = ₹60,000+ (India) Is this really a worthy investment? Yes, after you read all the points here, your perspective might change, you don’t need to invest all your $1000 here, you’ll be spending them wisely, maybe during that period, you’ll get something in return as well, so you can use them to invest.

Low on Budget? The $100 Blog: Your investments to make your blog much better!

1. Domain Names

This is the first and foremost step, most obviously, so register all the TLDs (Top-level domains) like .com, .net, .org and if possible, your ccTLD (Country code top-level domain) like .in, .us, etc. We personally prefer GoDaddy or Google Domains for this.

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I would also suggest registering the names which are singular or plural to your original brand name. Here we registered as well.

2. Web Hosting

If your blog is new, but, at the same time, you have plans to update consistently and generate heavy traffic over a period of weeks/months, then I would suggest a good managed VPS or Cloud Hosting for this.

Right now, our hosting suggestions will include: SiteGround, Bluehost, and BaseZap.

3. Trademark

Just because you own the domain name + social media profiles, it doesn’t mean you have full control over the blog name; you can try your best to protect the name by trademarking it! You can do the trademark for your brand under the classes 9, 35 and 42. These are the classes related to “Internet” and stuff.

4. Backup

VaultPress = Reliable Backup. Your web hosting will usually have a backup. You can manually take a backup. But, the experts behind the, can also do this for a small fee. It’ll just cost you $39 per year to configure this. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your hard work is safe & secure.

5. Email Newsletter

If you are not doing Email Marketing, then you are missing a tremendous opportunity to generate traffic + revenue, but of course, to get that, you need to invest some money too. We had a small survey on our HBB Group and found that MailerLite is kinda reliable and robust, you can sign up for free (up to 1,000 subscribers), and they have a moderately decent plan for 10,000 subscribers - $35/month plan.

6. WordPress Premium Theme/Plugins

WordPress Themes: There are plenty of excellent WordPress Themes out there, you can get them for free itself, but if you want to get a better-optimized one + full-support, then you can try themes like Newspaper, GeneratePress, Voice, etc. You can also check out portals like Magazine3 and ThemeForest.

WordPress Plugins: You can get the plugins which are necessary for your niche, if you are into Affiliate Marketing, then “Thirsty Affiliates Pro” is good, if you want to optimize your blog with AdSense ads, then “Ad Inserter Pro” is good, likewise, just pick the ones you feel relevant and invest on them.

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7. Branded Short Domain (BSD)

If you look at all the popular brands like Facebook, Twitter, etc. they have their own short URLs like and Almost all the startups have this branded short domain for their main websites, so, why not blogs? We have for our and plenty of similar names for our other blogs under Slashsquare network.

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8. Facebook Ads

I wouldn’t directly suggest you invest your money in Facebook Ads, but if your Social Media profiles are important for your blog’s growth, then it’s okay to spend some bucks monthly for this. But, I would first suggest you invest in creative materials, then use Facebook Ads for them to reach more people.

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9. AppSumo Gift Card

Last but not least, if you have some money left, then probably you should invest them on AppSumo Gift Card or Credits. I bought a gift card worth $200 for $150 during a deal. I purchased plenty of useful products here like WebSite Auditor,, SE Ranking, etc. Not to mention, lifetime access to all of them. You can either buy them and use them for your blogging purpose, or you can conduct a giveaway on your blog with them and expand your brand’s promotion.

If you don’t have enough budget right now, then you can wait for offers/discounts this year and grab all these for less price. It’s never too late and early for anything as long as you are passionate about what you do. All the very best! :smiley:


How much does it cost? @pradeepkumar


It varies bro, but generally, it should be around Rs.5000. :slight_smile: