is Copying All Article Of , Report This Site


Hey Fellas,

A blog Name Techyfuzz.Com has Copied My Two Article. Also The Admin Of Techyfuzz(.)Com has Not added any Information so that I can conact him…!

I already report to DMCA but there is No Reply from them…!

Due to this Activity, One Of My Post Which Rank On First Page Of Google has Been shifted To 3-4th page.

Plzz Help !:confused:


It will take 1 or 2 weeks before Google take some action, so you must wait, because they are getting too many DMCA complaint in daily basis and they can’t proceed in just few days.

And they outrank your site, because your overall site SEO is weak, I bet if someone copied HBB post then they can’t outrank HBB because SEO of HBB is strong.

So the best option is just wait and add more value on your site.


Try reporting this to the website’s hosting service as well bro, that’ll help. :slight_smile: Or find out the website’s Social Media profiles and try to contact them via that too.