Target Russian audience using Yandex's FREE keyword research tool!



We all know about Google, the most popular search engine in the world, but apart from this, we might also know Yahoo! and Bing, these two are kinda popular as well. But what about Yandex? It’s probably the most popular Russian search engine, and most of us are avoiding this.

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We all know about Russia and it’s population, so let’s make the most out of it. I’m not exactly going to talk about Yandex, the search engine, but more like Yandex, the keyword statistics (research?) tool! It’s called as “Yandex Wordstat”.

This tool provides provisional forecast for the number of impressions a month you’ll receive if you use the query as one of your keywords. I love the “Requests similar to Keyword” feature as well, helps us to get more idea about the keywords we are targeting. You can also expand this query region-wise, you can see all the locations along with their displays and popularity. This will be very helpful if you are planning to target local audience in Russia.

You can also use the “Query History” option to see the impressions history for your desired keyword, here it is “Football”. You can find the ‘Relative’ and ‘Absolute’ values here as well.

This is a pretty cool underrated SEO tool, especially if you want to target Russia for your website traffic, this is something you should definitely try!

Could u explain me abt keyword research