Suggestions Regarding a micro niche site


I want to start a micro niche site which is focused on providing complete information regarding new laptop,notebooks,Chromebooks etc which are going to come into market. so am asking you suggestion for name and its feasibility.


The topics you’ve listed will create a tech niche blog(not too broad), but it will not create a micro niche site. Micro niche site only focus on one topic. So you can’t use here Exact Match Domain name, like chromebooknews or nextnotebook dot com, you may even face trademark issue as well if you include notebook or chromebook in domain name.

Regarding suggestion, I would say ping your any college friends, who have creative knowledge about naming. There are always some Facebook and College friends who always give good suggestion on any college event. So you should ping them.

I have often see this kind of question on many forums, but in most of time, the OP don’t get any suggestion, because thinking about some names, take some time, which generally people avoid it. So the best suggestion is ask your friends/family/yourself. I probably go with myself, so later I don’t blame anyone, because whenever you blame to someone or in future you don’t like your domain name, then you will lose your productivity.


Thanks @Goyllo that was very helpful


what about its Feasibility @Goyllo @pradeepkumar


Sorry for the late reply bro, can you elaborate what’s “feasibility” here, please? :slight_smile:


Sorry If am also late
feasibility here means will it be ranked?
is there any scope for this kind of sites?
how about it adsense approval?
worth investing or no?


Of course bro, the thing is, when Chromebook gets a new competitor, say an updated MacBook or Surface Book, we can use that ‘trend’ to boost our ‘Chromebook’ website as well. :slight_smile:


do you think is this still a grey area or else its already occupied like Tech Niche, because i no where seen any article written focused on these products and i didn’t even got any sites related to them, might be they have been covered by Tech niche sites. Final Question is that okay to start the site?


I’m not a huge fan of Chromebook to be honest bro, I would prefer macOS or Windows any day. But, do analyze the market for this, if they have a future, then it’s worth starting for sure. :slight_smile: