Suggestion need on Google Search Console


Hello ,

Note: suggestion required

I am Satish. In April, I purchased a new hosting from local hosting with free SSL certificate.

After that, my high traffic blogs were migrated to the new server and activated SSL.

Every file was reconfigured with “https:”. After 25 days, the server was hacked. I moved my blog to my old hosting server. Again I reconfigured my URL from “HTTPS” to “HTTP”.

I feel Everything is good. But here the problem was started. My blogs traffic source is Google search engines (90% Organic traffic).

But the indexed URLs are showing “HTTPS” Url. When I click the links, redirected link showing broken site. sometimes showed harmful status.

So I tried “Remove URL” option from Google search console. within 5 hours all old links were deleted with my URL.

Finally, my blog URLs are removed from a search engine. After that, i submitted my URL to Google via Google search console.

But my URLwasn not indexed till now. My traffic dead. Please give a suggestion. what to do to regain my old traffic.


Hi @Satish888, can you kindly go to your Google Search Console > Google Index > Index Status, take a screenshot of that and please share it here mate, you can blur your site name if you don’t want to reveal. :slight_smile:


Index status from Google search console

In index status, showing 248 links indexed.


But when i check the domain status in google search engine as “site:mydomain .com”, results enclosed.


Can you search on Google like this mate?

And can you let me know if it’s indexed or not by Google? :slight_smile:


Yes I checked already. No links in Google search results.


Please check the status.


It looks like a domain name with no proper authority bro…

Can you try the Google Reconsideration Request @Satish888? :slight_smile:


The link was indexed and got organic traffic from 4 months.

Recently, I removed “Https” version URL from “remove URL” option.

The search console removed domain name from search index.

I am asking how can I request reindex my blog other than search console’s Fetch as Google option. Because I have submitted all my URLs already 20 days back.

But no results.


Bro, did you use SSL earlier and then deactivated?