Suggest Software for Support & Ticketing System Like Discourse as Forum


Guys! Please suggest me any Ticketing based Support System which I can use in My health based aggregator website. Just like “Discouse” application for “Forum based application”

Thanks in advance


I often see, many company use zendesk for ticket monitoring + to create community page like FAQ.

So if you do simple google search “Zendisk alternative” then you will get many information about customer ticket software.


Is it free to use like discourse. Or maybe any open source could work best for my requirement.


I don’t think there is much open source platform for ticket monitoring, mainly you will see SAAS based software, so they host it on cloud and then charge you according to use.

Discourse is free, but you have to host it yourself, but here SAAS based software don’t require custom host server, they host it on cloud, and hence they charge you.

Sorry but I don’t have much information about it. So you’ve to find out yourself.


You can use wpforo its a wordpress forum plugin


I have used Freshdesk & OSTicket. Freshdesk is Easy to use. OSTicket is more flexible to customize.

Support Bench- All in One
Krono Desk- Powerful
Vision Help Desk- Multi-Company
Helpdesk Pilot- IT Software
ReDesk- ECommerce
HelpShift- Mobile App Integration
Incident Monitor- web portals

Note: All these are paid tools. I recommend you OSTicket-OpenSource


You can use “Related Site” Syntax of Google or simply type “Zendesk” vs