Suggest me Some Good Hosting


Looking for a new VPS Managed hosting. Right now using hosting. But want to switch to some other host.

See the image below for more details.

cc @pradeepkumar


Go with Cloudways, Now offering 15% off too.
Linode Managed, but it’s 100$ per month!


I need more details about your requirements @Sidharth_Rathore, like your website’s current/projected traffic, number of websites hosted, etc. :slight_smile:


Check the image in first post for the ref

BTW 2 tech blogs are hosted on one VPS (Pageviews of Both 10k daily)

1 Bolly blog on another server Daily page view 10K (Lots of images so need a good space)


We are using BaseZap VPS for our Slashsquare blog network bro, it’s good so far, and if you need any other alternatives you can try SiteGround and WP Engine as well, had good experience with both! :slight_smile:


Vultr or Basezap for my blog.

No idea about the server like how to configure and all. So looking for the Managed Server.

CC @pradeepkumar


I could suggest you couple of Indian Hosting providers if your up for it.

  4. Leasedlayer
  5. Vps9
  6. scopehost
  7. Cloudcandyhost
  8. Microhost