Struggling with Keyword Research? Try this method once!



As well all know, Keyword research is the first & the most important step in SEO.

Without keyword research, we just can’t optimize our article’s content, nor we can perform off-page practices. So, we need to get it right.

Basically, there are two parts in Keyword research.

  1. Finding the niche related keywords.
  2. Analyzing competition of the keywords.

But, you would say that saying is easier than doing and I agree with you. So, I’m sharing the complete method I use to find right keywords that I know I can easily rank on the Google 1st page & make profits.

But, before we get into the nitty-gritty of the keyword research, we should know what makes a good keyword.

  • Keyword should have some monthly search volume (>500)
  • Keyword should have a higher CPC i.e. $1+ (This means that advertisers are interested in this keyword which makes it easier to monetize).
  • It should have low or moderate competition in SERP (It will help us to get better ROI).

So, let’s get into the Keyword research process for your website. There are numerous methods by which you can find the relevant keywords but I am going to share my personal methods.

Method #1

For the first method, go to Google and search for a broad keyword in your niche. For example, if you are into health or fitness niche, you can search for “how to lose weight?

Now, go to the bottom of the Search Results page and you will find lots of related keywords for you search term (Check above image). Then, open each one in a new tab and you will find more keywords at the bottom of each page.

Make a list of around 50–100 keywords and put all of them in Google Keyword Planner (aka GKP). Keyword planner will show you the monthly search volume & CPC for these keywords.

Note down all the keywords with more than 500 monthly searches in a separate file.

Method #2

In the second method, scroll down where GKP shows the search terms related to the keywords you earlier provided and note down those keywords following the required metrics as well.

Method #3

In this method, we will use Ahrefs tool. Go to Ahrefs site explorer and search for your site (or, some other popular site in your niche).

Head over to “Organic Search” tab and scroll down to the bottom of it. You will find top 10 competitors of that URL. Make a list of all the competitors in a separate notepad file.

Run each of your competitor’s site through the Ahrefs site explorer and click on Organic Keywords. Here, you will find all the keywords that domain is ranking for.

Note down all your niche relevant keywords and run it through the Google Keyword planner like we did in the above steps.

By the end of third method, you will have a list of atleast 50 keywords with atleast 500 monthly seaches and $1 CPC.

Now, it’s time to analyze the competition for each keyword in your list.

While analyzing the competiton of any keyword, we look for these things:

  • On-Page SEO of the article (Whether the keyword has been properly optimized in the article following all the On-Page SEO guidelines).
  • Website Age (If a website is very old, it will have more authority than you and is difficult to outrank).
  • Backlinks of the ranking URL (Check what strategy is being used by the ranking URL. How many backlinks and what’s the anchor ratio he is maintaining.)
  • Overall Domain Authority of Website (Overall authority plays an important role in ranking for a keyword. This is why it is harder to outrank sites like Huffington Post, LifeHack, Wikipedia, etc)

If you find any search result in top 10 which don’t follow any of the above things, it’s a green signal for you. Do this for all your keywords and make a final list of keywords to use.

Use these keywords while writing article for your blog and use them as anchor text while making backlinks for your article.

So that’s what I do while searching for profitable keywords for my blog.

Hope you find it useful.

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This is a wonderful share @vinaykrkatiyar. :slight_smile: Google “Searches related to keyword” is an underrated feature we often avoid, it’s high time we make use of them for our keyword research strategy.


Glad you found it useful mate! :slight_smile:

I think Keyword Research can be the easiest and most interesting process if we use some creativity while doing it.

I will share many more methods to find Keywords & Niche Ideas in the coming time.