Strategy to Rank a keyword? Please Provide your guidance



Hello, i am ranking a keyword the competition of that keyword is not that much and i have written more words in content than the majority of my competitors. How should I rank on the first page of google? I am thinking to give social signals to the blog post [ Google + shares majority] and buy some backlinks from seoclerk(dot)com. How is this strategy? Please provide your valuable guidance.


Hey bro, to rank a keyword, you need to understand whether it’s a popular keyword and/or trending keyword.

Popular as in, it’s evergreen, people will always search for “Best VPN Service” no matter what.

Trending as in, which is temporary for a while, say “Oscar Awards,” we don’t talk about this all the time.

Figure that out. If it’s a difficult keyword, avoid it, for the time being, focus on multiple variations of that specific keyword, add some extra relevant words to that. Build backlinks for that.

Do this for a month and see if you are getting traffic for that. Then we can proceed to the next step(s)…


Get the keywords of your competitors what they are using may be that help you