Steps to Enable Blogger SSL certificate for custom domain



We all know, Blogger provides free lifelong SSL for blogspot domain. But Blogger also has the option to enable free SSL for the custom domain. Follow this method and enable SSL certificate on your custom domain.

Step 1: visit

Step 2: Go to section Settings >> Basic

Step 3: In the Https section, Enable Https availability.

Step 4: After, Your blogger custom domain will enable SSL soon (takes max 12 hrs)

Step 5: If you got SSL then go basic settings and enable Https redirect. This will redirect http to https.

Don’t forget to update all links on your site with https.


Thank You So Much…:slightly_smiling_face:
I am trying this for many time…
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bro, visit


I was using https but i start facing issue,My adsense ads stop appering on most of post.Once i disable https and its start to show again.

PS: before removing https i tried to fix all the issue in my template and updated every script or file links in HTTPSBut no luck,


Adsense take time to migrate http to https. I also face this same issue but after 1 week everything showing perfect for me.