Starting Jio only Blog?


What do you think about Starting a Jio Only Website? Will it be more beneficial than posting Jio related content on an existing site?

@pradeepkumar A few days ago you posted, Keyword of the year - “Jio” :smiley:


Haha, that’ll be really good, but again using the keyword ‘Jio’ in our domain name will hurt us later. Trademark issues. :smiley:


Nice thought @Rishabh :wink:

But starting a blog on a niche like JIO will not be good for anyone as it is very small or micro niche, and you’ll not be able to post regularly about it, so go for your existing blog.

If you have a tech niche blog, then it will benefit you.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, Its more like an event i would say.


It may be good for a micro niche by sticking with just one keyword or product. But for how long? Jio 4G is out- just the updates rolling, Jio Fibre- Preview going on, next is Jio DTH! I don’t expect Jio to launch a streaming service soon, or a like anything that may remotely get connected to affiliate marketing so if you want to start you may have to stick to contextual ads only.


Yes I understood that bro…I was giving it a thought.

Moreover, I saw a few sites that really got good traffic within very few days. So, good money even for a short period is nice man.