SSL certificate shows site not fully secured



Recently I have installed SSL on my blog Gadget Gossips . It was working perfect, but now I have noticed " site not fully secured" error when opening the site in Incognito mode.Below I have attached the Screenshot for the same.


Hi @vijay, seems like some files on your website are not fully secure, that is, not using ‘https’ bro. Take a look at this screenshot for example:

You have mixed content here. Files like final-logo-gg.png, favi.png, etc., are loading via ‘http’ and not ‘https’. If you can replace this, then you can easily fix this. :slight_smile:


Thanks bro for mentioning the error, will fix this.


If your website is using secure HTTPS protocol and your web page is loading with insecure HTTP files like images, CSS, frames, iframes, flash, JavaScript. To find insecure resources, you can use online tool “Why No Padlock" - it will help you to find out insecure links from your website.

Once you identified insecure elements from your website, you should fix it to avoid warning message.