Spam Score on my blog! Discouraging my blogging ventures



Friends, My blog “Glanceinfo” is having a SPAM SCORE of 7/17! As I checked on Moz open site Explorer. This spam score is generated by any of the previous owner of the domain NOT BY ME.

I am facing a lot’s of issues… Whenever I finds someone to guest post on my blog. The person says that Your blog is having a high Spam Score, So nobody is accepting my backlinks :sob:

Pradeep Sir, Please help me to get rid of this Spam Score.


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Hi, @HarshKumar, don’t worry bro, Moz is good, but it’s not Google. :wink:

I analyzed your domain name via Moz Pro OSE:

I’m explaining all the 7 spam flags mate:

1. Low MozTrust or MozRank Score: Your website is pretty new I guess, it doesn’t have that much of authority yet, so you need to update your blog and get some backlinks, some kind of credibility bro.

2. Large Site with Few Links: Again, backlinks mate… increase your blog’s DA score.

3. Thin Content: Moz thinks that your blog doesn’t have lengthy detailed content, you can update your blog with good quality and informative articles bro.

4. Small Proportion of Branded Links: Are you generating backlinks via any social bookmarking websites or any other source which doesn’t really related to your niche bro? Please avoid that if so.

5. Site Mark-up is Abnormally Small: Looks like you need to change your theme and use a good recent one bro.

6. Low Number of Internal Links: Interlink your posts inside your blog bro, take Wikipedia for inspiration.

7. No Contact Info: This is strange and common bro, don’t worry, this spam flag might be fixed in the next update.

So according to Moz, these are the spam flags for the 7/17 score bro. This is pretty common, if you really like the domain name, then you can work hard for a month or so, then check again during the next Moz update. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for providing these details :blush:
I have to work on Point 5 - “Theme/Design”. Actually my blog is on Blogger not WordPress. So, it’s very difficult to find good free templates for blogger blogs. There are many Premium Templates available on Theme forest, But I can’t afford them.

Is there an solution to design my blog? Is there anyone who can help me to customize my whole blog design for Free? :sweat_smile:

Pradeep Sir, Please review the design/template of my blog. And tell me what to improve, change, etc…

ONE MORE THING - I had saw hundreds of blog with DA-0 or DA-1, And these low DA blog are having 0 (Zero) spam score! So, it’s something mysterious with my blog…


For now, you can just use the default good looking themes bro, that should be okay until the next Moz update. See, don’t compare your blog’s DA with others, just focus on building yours and I’m sure things will be just fine. :slight_smile:


ok sir, Finally I had decided to wait for 2-3 months. In these 2-3 months, I hope the Spam Score will get lose. But if not, I will decide to take a new domain name :smiley:, Nowadays, No body is interested in working with or Guest Posting on my blog due to the Spam score :sob:


Haha, don’t worry bro, see, don’t allow guest blogging, for the time being, instead, focus on two things: 1) Publish good quality content 2) Build quality backlinks :slight_smile:


ok, let’s follow up.
But Within this year, I want to get rid of this spam score… :blush: