Spam on website, how to prevent from the haters?



I am facing spam on my website, someone doing negative SEO of my site. I attached the image to explore the problem with you so you can understand the query.

There are many other sites that are doing spam. Seniours kindly help.
@pradeepkumar bro


There could be two reasons for this bro:

1. Due to any mysterious files present on your website, maybe via theme or plugin, it depends.

2. Someone hacked your website and placed this mysterious code, which generates such results.

Can you kindly check your theme and plugin files once again bro? Like, whether any pirated ones or any unusual ones are present? Did you recently install any script? :slight_smile:


we are facing the problem since 1 year. we started from blogger and just recently came on WordPress. initially, we are not facing such kind of spam.
I like to share more spammy sites so you can get the better understanding.

All they are gaining traffic from our keywords. even they target our top posts and rank down them.


Yes, bro, but these two links are not related to your blog right, they just used the term “OneSoftwares” right?


search the string “windows 7 professional free download onesoftwares” you will see the list of spam sites. that are using the same meta description and title same or little variant with same keyword targeting.which our site and they are then redirecting to their own site, which is totally irrelevant to the search result.
Also they are showing some thing else to google and they show to user different and why are they targeting out brand name.



They all redirect to the same “” website bro…

Let’s focus on fixing this one (below) at the moment:

It shows “Review by My PRO”, is there any user by the name “My PRO”, are you using a genuine version of this ‘Schema’ plugin?


This one is fixed now but discuss the second issue now.


That’s great @Noman_Javed, will be helpful if you can share what happened? :slight_smile:


This is just redirecting to the home page now but the title is still spam and I am willing to remove. I just remove from the webmaster. can anyone still guide me how to remove this link and the other links mentioned?


Bro, my major concern is, do you have any spammy clickable links on Google search results with the domain name ‘’ (apart from Microsoft Office thing)?


This is spam and on my first priority to remove because of this google can send me DMCA. I just want to remove it first.


Bro, can you please share the list of links you want to remove from Google search results?


Kindly see the image, now new title came I never did post with this title. Someone is doing this, to harm the blog. How can I prevent.

Before this some other title was now the main site url is pointing. I can’t even remove the url now.


There is a mysterious script which is creating such links bro, kindly speak with your web hosting or re-install WordPress. I don’t think that someone else from outside is doing this every time, it’s inside your directory somewhere.