[Solved] Need Help in Blogger to WordPress Migration



I am trying to migrate my blogger blog to Wordpress. I have almost 130 posts. Already Taken the backup from the blogger using Backup content option.

But When trying to import the .xml file using blogger importer in Wordpress, its showing done. All Fun!!
Both nothing has been imported. Tried several times but didn’t get any error.

Anyone can help me in doing that?

Thanks in Adv.


Hi @Prateek, may I know the file size of the .xml file you downloaded bro? :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar Bro

It’s 11.5 MB bro.

After uploading its showing this.
Submit option

After submitting showing everything done. All Fun!!

But still, no post is showing.


Can you kindly share a screenshot bro, the final page after importing, that’ll be really helpful. :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar bro hopes this helps you in helping me :slight_smile:

After Final Import


In Between the process



That’s helpful bro, thank you. :slight_smile:

I somehow feel the 10MB+ file size of the import file is bothering us here, can you kindly do these on your server and re-upload once again bro?


@pradeepkumar bro I already did that the max upload size is 512 MB.


Let me look into this bro, there should be a way to fix this, probably by uploading the .xml file in parts, I’ll check it out…


@pradeepkumar Thanks, Bro,

It’s Done. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


That’s great bro, can you kindly share the solution for our members here, please? :slight_smile:


Yes, will love to share it with other members.

After taking backup from blogger, I just signup for wordpress.com uploaded the backup there, and it successfully uploaded then I again took backup from wordpress.com and upload it on my self-hosted Wordpress blog.

This time it successfully uploaded.

Hope it helps other :slight_smile:

Thanks, @pradeepkumar bro…:slight_smile: