{Solved} My homepage isnt showing in google search results

(vamshi) #1

Problem with sitemap
i lost my structured view in google search results suddenly.
when i trying to submit sitemap again their it is showing an error as below?
three of my posts are ranked on 1st page of google but now i am unable to access those posts through google? How can i get out of this ?? Please help.
Even my homepage isn’t sho

wing in search.

(Utsav Chopra) #2

See If you are using multiple plugins to generate sitemaps. Only use one plugin which generate sitemap

(vamshi) #3

i never used any plugin bro ?
From past three days i am facing downtime. Is thats the reason?

(vamshi) #4

used fetch and render it is also showing an error

(Utsav Chopra) #5

Check your sitemap, is it still located or deleted
read this: https://mediatemple.net/community/products/dv/204644980/why-am-i-seeing-a-403-forbidden-error-message

(vamshi) #6

my website is live bro and working fine now.
Same problem with Fetch and render it is also shwoing an error :frowning:

(Abhranil Dutta Majumdar) #7

try changing permissions for the sitemap file in cpanel

(vamshi) #8

can u please direct me how to change ?

(Pradeep Kumar) #9

Can you kindly do this for your homepage bro? :slight_smile:

(vamshi) #10

this happened because of frequent downtime bro. Now working fine