So Here is a Huge Problem, Rankings GONE!


Hi Guys, So here comes one of the biggest problem that most of us suffer in the initial days of Blogging.

Recently few of my post dropped drastically from Page 1 to Page 5. I believe that their were many comment backlinks on my site.

So What shall I do now, so that this does not happen with my other posts?

My Site:

But sites like and are ranking well only on the basis of comment backlinks. HOW?? :thinking:

#2 is from long time bro.


Did this happen all of a sudden, or slowly bro?


Suddenly bro…Probably day before yesterday.


:open_mouth: Maybe your site was down or something frequently? Can you check that as well?


No bro…Site was up.

Shall I disavow some other backlinks aswell, so that rest of my rankings does not suffer?


What kind of backlinks these are bro? Comments? Did you manually/naturally generate these? :slight_smile:


Comment backlinks bro…
What type of backlinks shall I make now? Guest Posting/Profile building/Directories or what?


Focus on natural guest blogging bro, build 10-15 quality backlinks via that now. :slight_smile:


Cool bro…Will do that Now :slight_smile: