Small E-Commerce Site with Wordpress

(Thandava Krishna tk) #1

One of my buddies is interested to start a small online store which is all about fashion things in a small city.ok here are my queries?

*Shopify basic plan vs Wordpress
*If your suggestion is wordpress,suggest me themes as well
*how to manage the payment system.I mean are there any plugins and all!
*If you are shopify user,let me know the loops of the plan.

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Hi mate, your buddy has some experience with WordPress or totally new into this platform?! :slight_smile:

(Thandava Krishna tk) #3

He is completely new to wordpress,blogging and all.I recently started my sites on wordpress.

(Dilip Rajendran) #4

Have you thought about using WooCommerce in WordPress?

(Pradeep Kumar) #5

If your friend is not familiar with WordPress, then I’m sure he’ll face some issues with the plugins, customization, and especially the payment gateway issues bro. I shared an article here to create a free* Shopify account for 50 sales, try this and let me know whether he is comfortable with Shopify or not, if he is okay with the way it works, then I would suggest him to try this itself. :slight_smile: