Show the same comments on your Website and Facebook Page!


In short, this is called “Comment Mirroring” and I’ll explain the steps to enable this. I’m assuming that you already configured “Facebook Comments” for your website, so kindly go to Comment Moderation Tool page.

Then, select your desired page, here we picked “MoviesDrop” and on the right side, click on the “Settings” option. Under this, at the bottom, you’ll find the “Comment Mirroring” option, select the Facebook Page and save! That’s all!

Now, whenever you share your website article on your Facebook Page, you’ll get something like this:

“This comment will also be posted to”

That means, whenever you comment on this Facebook Page post, your comment will also appear on the original website article.

And in your website’s Facebook Comment Form, you’ll find something like this:

“Your comment may also appear on MoviesDrop’s Facebook Page.”

That means, whenever you leave a comment on the website’s Facebook Comment Form, it’ll also appear on the Facebook Page post.

This is just a simple tweak, but way too effective to create interaction. Do try this and let us know if you have any queries. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: “Comment Mirroring is no longer available for Pages that do not have it enabled already.”


Great! Thanks for the tip. I was in the impression this feature was available only for selected publisher pages!


This one’s new for me, I mean for facebooks feature at least. This’ll add up something to my knowledge. Great! Thanks