Should I worry about decrease of organic traffic or it is normal issue?



Please let me say something about my website before telling the exact problem I am facing with my organic traffic.
Okay, I am maintaining two websites. Both of those are blogging site. But here I am going to share a problem regarding my programming blog website. I know alexa rank is not a perfect traffic estimator.
Though for me alexa rank chances almost perfectly with the changes of my traffic. I use google analytics to check the traffic statistics.
I have created this website in 2017 when I was a student. At that time I was not so serious about blogging. Then I entered a software dev company as a jr software developer. But after a few months, I decided to invest my full time in Blogging.
I started working on my website for the full time from - August 2018.
I know its hard to increase organic traffic. But I keep writing quality contents that might help the learners.

Here you can see my traffic history and look at the point of august. After august my traffic increased rapidly.
My website link - CodeSpeedy - Coding Solution Platform

3 months ago my organic traffic was increasing every week.
Everything is fine with the SEO I hope.

You can see my domain authority is not high. It is 23.
But I was getting more and more traffic day by day. And suddenly I started losing my organic traffic.

I am not paying money for link building, I am not sharing too much on social media. I am not copying a single sentence from other websites.

Our main earning is coming from the products we are selling on our websites. Like Wordpress plugins and other PHP scripts.

Though it’s very much important to get traffic.
I am worried. Do you think that it is normal to decrease organic traffic?

Should I continue writing contents or take advice from SEO experts to resolve this issue?


Thanks for explaining the problem you are facing @Saruque_Ahamed_Molli.

I hate to say this, but losing organic traffic is pretty standard these days, it could either happen due to any temporary bug, or maybe Google rolled out an update, but it’s wise to monitor your keywords and their rank positions. Use any standard SEO tool and make a list of your top 25 keywords. You can also make use of Search Console for this. When your keywords’ rank increases or decreases, you can understand what’s going on with your website along with what’s going on with your competitors’ websites.

I believe the majority of your content will be covered by code snippets so I would suggest you a new content strategy to get back in the race. You can make detailed tutorials with screenshots, for example, let’s pick something related to “Programming” and “Coding” but without mentioning any lines of code. You can write a tutorial about “How to Install XAMPP for Windows/macOS” - So this one will be full of screenshots and rich content, you can publish 20-30 lengthy articles like this, try to rank for them, and you can experiment further.

You just need to update your blog with quality content, bro, I’m sure you are already doing this, but just expand the base. To increase your authority, you can even start a forum if you can moderate and make it interactive. Best wishes.


Thanks for your valuable info @pradeepkumar
In the very beginning I started this website with lengthy articles and tutorials. Then I decreased the length as I noticed the similar websites having lesser words in the similar posts.
But still they are having good domain authority so they generally appears more in google search.
And they really deserve it because I know they have gone through many ups and downs.

I started explaining the algorithm of the codes I provide on my site with easiest examples I can give.

Thanks for the idea of forum. I was just thinking about the cool idea of forum you are using on your site. I guess you are using discourse for this forum. Its really cool and smooth.

Taking your advice we gonna soon create a forum.
Thanks again @pradeepkumar
Can you give me an idea on how many daily page view do I need to have an alexa rank below 120k ?
I know alexa rank is not the right thing to measure the traffic though I am curious to know. I don’t want to extend the thread too much.


Thanks for the kind reply!

Bro, if you ask me, Amazon doesn’t honestly care about “Alexa” (Web Service) at the honest, ever since they moved to premium plans, they messed up their algorithms.

I know Alexa was one of the widely used metrics for calculating traffic score, but you can avoid it, for the time being, if you are getting good consistent traffic, then try to increase that slowly, and focus on DA (Domain Authority) by building backlinks. Because if you are going to invest your time and energy for a better Alexa rank, then after a few months, they might even shut down thing, then we just have to worry about our contributions related to this.

  1. Good Content
  2. Organic Traffic
  3. Natural Backlinks

Just keep these in mind while you build a community and increase your blog’s social presence, bro.


Thank you very much @pradeepkumar
I will focus on DA.
Currently I am selling most of my wordpress plugins on CodeCanyone just because of not having a high organic traffic.
I will post here if I got any doubt regarding SEO and Traffic issue.