Should I use same Google Analytics tracking code for Forum and Blog


I have forum and my blog is at

I have installed Google Analytics tracking on Forum, Should I use same on blog or create new tracking code for blog?


Both are different bro, we have two tracking codes for and :slight_smile:


You can use same Google analytic code to any webpage(Domain/SubDomain does not matter). It just matter of what you want to see, if you want to see all the metrics to only one analytic dashboard then you’re free to use it.

Normally people use different JavaScript code, so they can understand how their user interact with blog and forum differently, because blog and forum both have different layout(for example sidebar. menu, header etc).

So it’s up to you, in first week you’re free to test one JavaScript code on multi site, and in second week you can do revert changes, if you did not satisfy with UX details.