Should I use or disable Breadcrumbs in Google serp? Seo benefits there?



Want to know if its okay to use breadcrumbs for my site blog’s posts or remove them completely, pls guide


Hi @Vinayak, for me it’s just a personal preference. You can keep it or you don’t need to keep it. But in some cases, it’s helpful, let’s say if you have a lengthy ugly permalink with plenty of strings and numbers, then Breadcrumbs will help you to hide them in SERP. You’ll probably just see the categories instead of the permalink of the article.

If you look at this SERP result, it smartly suits eBay, people can easily understand “Apple iPhone” comes under “Cell Phones & Smartphones” category. Likewise for MySmartPrice.

Regarding SEO Benefits, I don’t honestly think it matters the most for general blogs, but for eCommerce websites, it’s pretty helpful I believe, at least for the visitors.