Should I delete those old posts


Should I delete those old posts form my blog

Most of those posts are outdated and irrelevant to the topic which we are covering these days.

These days we are writing about Android Guide and most of the old post are on Computer, Twitter, Facebook and other Apps.

NOTE:- Whats the best method to delete these posts without facing and penalty form Google?


Nope. Bro already your blog is running with the penalty. Removing Old articles will affect your Traffic. It will increase again as a back ago.

P.S: You can update this old post also but only which is an evergreen posts.

Hope you will understand. Ping me if any help needed or hire me :smile:


Most of those old post doesn’t have any traffic.


I wouldn’t honestly suggest you delete those articles bro, they may be outdated, but still, they are wonderful resources, you can use ‘last updated’ date instead of ‘no date’, so that search engines like Google can understand that we have updated the article with new info. People still search for topics like “Transfer Text Messages from Windows Mobile to Android Phone”…

Interlink your old articles with your new articles, don’t ever delete them, there is no point in that bro.


Bro, Who will search for posts like this

& So on…

Hope you will understand !! :slight_smile: :wink:


Haha, bro, these are memories, and of course, nobody will type this on Google and search anymore, but hey, what if he writes an article like “Microsoft launches Bing app for Apple watchOS” and he can interlink this article “Microsoft Launches Bing app for iPad” along with it? I mean, there is nothing wrong right, if one article gets popular, we get extra pageviews…


Yeah :smile: But what about Windows 8 Support Face Recognition.

His niche is completely different from back ago to now.


Yes, Now am confused. Some says delete the outdated and irrelevant contents form the blog and some says leave them as it is. :frowning:


Hahah, bro, we can make use of any old article, we have an article on our website about this:


I know it’ll be confusing @Sidharth_Rathore, but think about all the broken links… it’ll definitely take some time to recover from this as well.