Should I delete or Make my previously copied content unique?



I copied some of my posts from different sources and used it on my site as i was completely unaware of SEO or any kind of practice. So, should i delete my those plagiarised posts or should i make them unique with the help of article spinner?

As these posts are having a continuous traffic.

Some of my posts are about psychology and related stuff which include some technical terms and definitions which are universal in use, so would it be counted as a plagiarised content?As definitions can’t be changed!!


Do this bro…

Delete all these articles. Yes, delete them all. Meanwhile, prepare another set of quality articles, say 20-25 and publish them on your site and recrawl using Google Search Console. :slight_smile:

This is to be on the safer side, if you are applying for AdSense or Google News in future, all these copied posts will affect you badly.


Is article spinner technique not good?


Nope bro, that won’t work well. Unfortunately, they’ll still have copied content. :slight_smile: