Shop & Ship (S&S) Discount Promo Codes [UPDATED]



I buy several products from, if it’s not available there, I go to and check the “Ship to India” option. But, of course, worst case scenario, if they can’t ship the product you want to buy, then… either you can bug your foreign friends or relatives, or you can use services like Shop & Ship. :’)

What they do is, they provide you the required personalized address like I can use a US address (the one they provide us) and get the product there, then it’ll be eventually shipped to us (say, in India). Shop & Ship is by Aramex, and we used it a few times. You can save some decent $$ via this.

Shop & Ship (Promo Code)

When you sign up for a membership, it’ll prompt you to pay 45.00 USD, but you can use the promo code SNSFORFREE and get the whole S&S Basic Membership for FREE!

It’s cool, right? This promo code is working at the moment, I’m not sure when exactly it’ll expire, if it expires and/or if you know any other working discount code, do let us know, thank you. :slight_smile:


How long is this valid for? Curious to get more information about validity and usage limits.


This is Lifetime bro, while signing up you’ll select the ‘lifetime’ plan only, so this promo code is applicable for that. :slight_smile:


I just realized this. Great share, bro. Thank you so much! :smiley:


Does not seem to checkout with my card. Says Undetermined failure. :confused:


Bro, you don’t need any card, just use the “PayPal” section and try the promo code, it’ll show the total amount as ‘Free’, then you can proceed further. Do let me know if you face any issues.


I tried PayPal first and had issues. Anyway, I disabled “Save as default option” and “Auto pay” now. It worked. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this. Can I use it to get iPhone X or any other device delivered to India?
What will be the cost and the customs?


It definitely varies bro, see, go to, select the iPhone X, give the US address and check the overall price in the checkout. Now, go to your Shop & Ship dashboard and use their calculator to determine rest of the money you have to pay to get the product in India. :slight_smile: