Share your technique to Rank Mid Competition Keyword


Share your technique to Rank Mid Competition Keyword for a long term Blog :slight_smile:

If we put price in title tag so good or bad?

Hi @Praneet_Thakur, I’ll take “iPhone 7 Accessories” keyword for this. :slight_smile:

This is a popular keyword, but since 2017 is more about the ‘next’ iPhone, we can make use of this ‘keyword’ to rank somewhat easily.

1) Write at least ten genuine reviews for the most popular iPhone 7 (or just iPhone) Accessories. Like, reviewing them individually first, one-by-one.

2) After that, make a ‘list’ post covering all those reviews, keep the title as “Best iPhone 7 Accessories You Should Buy” or something you like, but optimized with the required keywords.

3) What I mentioned 1) and 2) are the essential ones, but, after this, you need to interlink this ‘list’ post with all the other ‘iPhone’ related posts on your blog first. Take Wikipedia for inspiration, interlink as much as possible on your blog, do this naturally though.

4) Last but not least, link building. You can do this via blog commenting and guest articles on other relevant blogs, especially the ones writing about iPhone or Apple in general.

5) The 1st four steps are to rank “iPhone 7 Accessories”, but the key trick to rank any keyword is, to make your blog better overall, regarding branding and authority. Take “WPBeginner” for example; it’s probably the best blog about WordPress on the internet, even better than WordPress official Codex. So, make your blog as an authority in that particular niche, and you can easily rank your posts. Best wishes. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the share of knowledge sirji will imply it soon :slight_smile:


thnx a lot @pradeepkumar :smiley:
m also going to apply this method for my new blog :3


Thank you for the guide bhaiyya…
I started my website recently. Finished two epic topics those are very competitive…Now am about to start link building. Am following Rankxl SEO guide like broken link building and network link building.
Now I have doubt to build links to home page or specific page?


Though it’s good to build backlinks for the specific page, you can also give a decent priority to the home page bro, it’s like DA vs. PA, both are good, but the latter is useful for ranking for keywords. :slight_smile:


Mid competitive means! What is the approx keyword search volume and “keyword” result bro…


It’s just our basic instincts bro, you can easily figure out whether a particular keyword is worth targeting or not, or whether it’s popular all the time or just popular for the next few weeks. :slight_smile:


TQ Bro. Hope this will help me


"Write at least ten genuine reviews for the most popular iPhone 7"
Is this mean to write 10 different posts, or we can target in one post of ten reviews like feedback.


Hi @Noman_Javed, I meant “accessories”… like, a tempered glass, a case, or even some adapters. Write reviews for different accessories. :slight_smile:


can i apply this for a event blog…?? is it working…?? @pradeepkumar bro


This is how we work and rank for specific keywords bro, so it might work for event blogging as well. :slight_smile: