SEO for Auto blogging? Organic Traffic is possible?



I just curious how peoples bring traffic from organic search on Auto Blogging? The blog is completely on autopilot mode i.e. the title is same, content is same and all the images but one thing is different (The Source link).

It is possible to do SEO for this kind of blogs? Or any other method to bring traffic?


Suppose website A have original content, and when Google index the webpage, then Google mark the inception date i.e. on which date the page is indexed.

Now suppose your website B copy paste whole things then Google check their index database and it know that kind of content is already index, hence Google consider B website as low quality and hence it does not rank very well.

Now if your website B have all content is copied from different source then Google simply don’t index your website, because it is waste of index storage disk, so no indexing means no ranking. It will happen after few months.

Now suppose original cretor of content report DMCA complient against you, then again Google will remove your webpage from search result and it make your site quality low.

So in short, you can’t get organic traffic for a long time, it’s just for limited time, like 1 or 2 month, till Google identify your website is worthy or not.

My Advice: Auto pilot blog and make money online while you sleep is greed, please avoid it, and save your time and think for a long time.