SEMRUSH analysis report



In the above report, it shows site has 76.3k keywords. Does it mean the site has 76.3k posts or few hundred posts ranking for 76.3k keywords?
If it is hundreds of posts ranking for 76.3k keywords, how to rank for different keywords with a post?


That means the blog is appearing for 76.3K Keywords in search engines.


The SERP Postion various …


Ok but I want to know how to rank for different keywords with a single post?
For example- I wrote a post on How to charge your iPhone faster. now I want to rank for Charge iPhone faster, iPhone charging, charge iPhone 7 faster, what are the ways to charge iPhone faster.


Target those keywords in same post write long article as you can

& at final stage make backlinks with those anchor text


This discussion should be useful bro. :slight_smile: