SEMrush analysis report. Few questions about it



I have analyzed few of my competitors in SEMRUSH.
The UI and Data in that are new to me.

  1. Is this traffic daily basis or monthly basis report?
  2. What is this position? NBoth have ten values. plz give me ans for 6(7) which is 2nd one.


According to SEMrush, that traffic is “The number of users expected to visit the website in the following month on condition that average monthly organic traffic stays relatively the same.”

First and foremost, there is no proper tool to estimate the traffic of any website bro, only Google Analytics can do that, this traffic in SEMrush refers to the estimated average “organic traffic” for the following month with some conditions, that’s all.

Again, according to SEMrush, it’s nothing but the “Position (where the URL currently ranks in the SERP, and their position from the previous update)”

Hope this clears the confusion @Anvesh, do let us know if you have any more queries. :slight_smile: