Safest Page CTR? Received Violation message regarding low value content


One of my website Page CTR is 13% now. Please give me suggestions. Recently i received one violation message from Google adsense.
The website which violate the terms is
After receiving violation message i withdraw all ads from this site. Now the violation message is gone. Am i right now in safe zone?


Share that violation message received you.


This message is to alert you that one of your websites is not currently in compliance with our AdSense program policies and as a result, ad serving has been disabled to your website.

Ad serving has been disabled to: eaadharcards(.)com

Example page where violation occurred:

Action required: Check all other remaining sites in your account for compliance.

Current account status: Active

Violation explanation

As stated in our program policies, we may not show Google ads on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made. This includes but is not limited to mirroring or framing content from other sources without adding value.


I think you did iframe or copy other site content. Not sure. Don’t worry remove illegal things. Don’t Add ads below download button or link.

After changes done, you need mark as solved in Adsense warning page.

After issue cleared, you can able to place ads on your site.