Removing Date from SERP?


Recently I noticed after updating and fetching my post google crawls the new title and everything but sometimes the date in SERP is old. Whereas in some post the date and in some cases it does not even show the date :smiley: in SERP changes.

How can I resolve this or Shall I remove the date from SERP completely?


Read this


Instead of removing the date, I would suggest you to display ‘last updated’ date on your articles mate, that will help your readers to know when your article was updated and this is useful for Google News as well. :slight_smile:


Yes bro, That’s what I want. Remove only from google search and not from the post.


Bro, why removing it? If you are writing tech news and if you want to apply for Google News, then this will be valuable criteria…


No bro, Im not into news. My blog is more of a evergreen tech information now.


I think you should keep date in serp as well as it will help readers to know that your post is fresh before clicking on it.


The post written by harsh will not going to work, because Google pickup dates from mainly three sources.

  1. Your body post - If there is any kind of date pattern, google will pick that.

  2. Schema tag - If you’re using any schema tag, and it included any date with no visibility on page, then still Google will pickup that date. So please check your page view source and try to find out what things are there, which generate date in your blog.

  3. Sitemap - This is where harsh article will not going to work, because your sitemap(for example yoast plugin) may contain some date, and google will use that if they don’t find any date on your page source.