Remove Render Blocking Javascript in Blogger


Speed is really a ranking factor. Blogs with high speed can rank higher and perform good in search engines. When you analyze your blog with Pagespeed insights, The common error which slowing down your blog are render blocking javascripts.

What is a render blocking javascript ?

We will host some javascript files in external sources. When a visitor visits your blog, the external file takes sometime to load and slows down your blog. But, without javascript files, our blog design can’t be completed. So here is a solution to Remove render blocking javascript files in your blogger blog.

First of all, analyze your blog with pagespeed insights and it will show you which javascript file you should remove.

Search for the file in your template.

For example, the url of the external file is "

Search for that, you will find this code :

< script src"’ type=‘text/javascript’/>

We have two ways to block them.

Defer : Defer tag tells the script to wait till all the document loads. So a visitor can see document really fast.

Async : This tag tells the script to load along with the document resulting in equality of loading document and javascript.

To add defer tag :

< script src=‘’ defer=‘defer’ type=‘text/javascript’/>

To add async tag :

< script src=‘’ async=‘async’ type=‘text/javascript’/>


For Wordpress Autoptimize +
Async JavaScript Plugin Works Well

Enable async Without Plugin add this below functions code on themes functions.php file

/*function to add async to all scripts*/
function js_async_attr($tag){
# Add async to all remaining scripts
return str_replace( ' src', ' async="async" src', $tag );
add_filter( 'script_loader_tag', 'js_async_attr', 10 );



Bro, I am not an wordpress expert nor wordpress user. I am using Blogspot as my blogging platform.

I don’t know,How to eliminate render blocking javascript in wordpress blogs.

Thank you for the reply and making this post even better. Now both wordpress and Blogger users can use this thread