Registering Expired Domain Names? Here is a Checklist for you!



I’m sure, there are plenty of folks out there who register expired domain names more than fresh domain names, there are several reasons for this as well. Instead of grabbing a new domain name, work hard for it, build backlinks, and then starting a website, some of us pick an expired one and do the same. We can save a lot of time via this, and we can even grab the old content via Internet Archive. But should we register all the expired ones? Is there any drawback? Yes, there are plenty! In this thread, we share some of the key things you should keep in mind before registering them!

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1. Trademark Issues

This is often avoided by most of us, trademark issue is serious, and we need to keep this in mind before registering domain names. Even WordPress officially requests us to avoid the word ‘WordPress’ in domain names, they can take down your website if you are using it. You can use ‘wp’ instead, that’s fine.

Even we protected our company brand name Slashsquare so that nobody would misuse it in future. You can go to the Trademark Public Search (India) and search for the concerned names before registering the domain name. You can check out USPTO for US trademarks as well.

2. Social Media Usernames

If you are going to start an authority blog using that expired domain name, then it’s wise to check the Social Media username availability as well. Who knows, maybe someone is already running a popular blog with the name when you own the expired domain, that’ll hurt a bit right?

You can use websites like Namechk and KnowEm for checking this!

3. Moz Spam Score

Moz’s Spam Score is pretty good for analyzing the quality of a domain name, but I would suggest you use Moz Pro (get the trial account) and use to analyze the scores (flags).

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We got Spam Score for reasons like domain name length, no contact information, and other silly things, which can be easily fixed. Here is the complete Moz Spam Score flags and their reasons:

If the expired domain name’s Spam Score is within 1-5, then it’s pretty fine, but please do use Moz Pro and check the reasons behind those flags.

4. Wayback Machine

You can use Internet Archive: Wayback Machine for checking the expired domain’s past, maybe it was porn or adult website back then, maybe they used it for a torrent or any other illegal purposes. So it’s wise to see the history and proceed with the registration.

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5. Anchor Text

You can use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to see whether this domain name has excessive over optimized anchor texts, this is something that affects the domain’s SEO in the long run.

Other factors which might be helpful for you!

  1. Moz Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

  2. Alexa Rank.

  3. .Com Domain Extension.

  4. Domain Name Age.

  5. Majestic SEO’s Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF).

  6. Keyword-rich Domain Name.

  7. AdSense ban or not (most of the tools are not working these days properly though).

DISCUSSION: Best way to check Expired Domains Value?

These are some of the key things I always keep in mind before registering the expired domains, feel free to add your own suggestions, that’ll be really helpful for us. :slight_smile:

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