Registering a new domain for my new blog


Hi guys

I want to register a new domain for my blog and all .com domains are at Rs.299 a year so how can i buy it at 99 any coupon’s or any tricks please help.


Bigrock is still good for first purchase -

In Bigrock you can pay via net banking so they did not store your credit/debit card information, while godddy store it, so in next purchase you can’t get coupon benefits in Godaddy, hence I often use bigrock.

Then after one year I transfer my domain name to namecheap or Google domain, both are fantastic. My public domain which is linked to my main search console account are control by Google domain, while rest of others private domain is control by namecheap.


@Goyllo i dont have that much budget bro for time being so am asking any coupons or deals to buy at 99 for first year


I already shared Bigrock 99 Rupess link, please buy though that page, it will apply coupon automatically, once you create a new account, If it is not apply then clear your browser cookies and try again.

Also don’t forgot to select 1 year only in duration, the price will be high if you select 2 year, because promotional code apply only for the first year, from the next year the regular price will be apply like $10 or $12 per year.

The final price for 1 year will be 99 Rs domain + 12 Rs taxes = 111 Rs.


No bro Didnt work i created a new account but not working cleared all cookies etc but still for one year it shows 599 if buy for more than 1 year then price is reduced to a very small amount.


Create new account only in the last step, I mean create it when they ask to do it.

And still if promo does not apply automatically then use this promo code manually - BRCOMSALE992


cupon code
This is what am getting

  1. First I see normal price, in step 1
  2. Second I create a new account in step 3 and then I do login,
  3. Then I apply that promo code in step 1, since all steps are in one page, I can go back.

I will create new account tomorrow and I will tell you weather it is still works or not. If it will work I will mention all steps with screenshot.


If it is working for you means you buy it for me i will pay you the money then give me account details latter i will make changes to the account.
if you can do this then it would be helpful.


@Pavan_Kulkarni Look’s like those promo code are expired.

I see 99 Rs domain via this link(, it look’s like affiliate link, but it is not mine.



@pradeepkumar can u help me in this and thank you @Goyllo for your time and help.


Is this link, not working for you?

I see 99 rs price on their checkout page as well.


Why is this happening is there any problem with site i have logged in or i have to create new account for it


I’m so sorry for seeing this late bro, have you managed to register a domain name or configured out what caused the issue?


Yes @pradeepkumar i managed to register the domain, with the trick from one of your article in the forum itself. It worked for me, thanks a lot for the reply.
Here is link to my site still more to come in it.