Regarding plagiarism (Copied my entire post)



Hi everyone,
One person copied my entire article into his website. But at last he given credits to me as a Source.
What action can i take on him? i found it under backlinks in ahrefs.
Anyone can help me on this?


It’s not a wise move to allow the entire article to be republished bro, do contact the website owner (contact form or WhoIs email address) and request that person to remove the article asap. :slight_smile:

It’s good that we have a ‘credit’ backlink here, but plagiarism content will affect your blog forever.


That website has a good DA and PA.
Shall i ask him to make some edits or its good to make him to remove the article?


Well, if it’s a reputed website, then you can ask that person to use 4-5 lines or a small paragraph from your article and give proper ‘dofollow’ credit bro. :slight_smile: