Regarding Adsense Payment withdrawal to ICICI Bank


(vamshi) #1

Well, this is my first payment can anyone help me in this. I have seen so many messages and gone through shoutmeloud explanation on ICICI bank.

My question is
what are the details i have to enter in payments page of Adsense
Does A/C Name, Ac No. and SWIFT CODE is enough?

And coming to swift code i went to branch and they have given Swift Code as ICICINBBNRI
for confirmation i called customer care they directed me to visit NRI section in ICICI website there i found another Swift BIC code (refer attachment) Now im confused :frowning:

What should i have to enter?

What is the last date for submitting bank details?


Thanks in advance!

(Sachin Alam) #2

You can use any swift code of your ICICI Bank brother!

My suggestion is used the swift code that bank has provided & don’t be worried about this.

You will receive payment!

(vamshi) #3

Hi bro
Does A/C Name, Ac No. and SWIFT CODE these details are enough then?

(Sachin Alam) #4

To Receive payment from Adsense, you need to fill these details.

  • Name on Bank Account
  • Bank Name
  • IFSC Code (You can find code by Google it Or check your Bank Passbook)
  • Swift BIC (Ask Bank or Use Swift code of your Nearby Branch)
  • Account Number

That’s it! Nothing much needed & Don’t be confused about your payment.

(Pradeep Kumar) #5

Hi @NAga_VaMshi, I agree with what @Sachin_Alam said… enter the details provided by your bank and save your payment settings, everything should be alright. :slight_smile: