Redirect your Tumblr Blog to your Primary Domain Name Website



I just wanted to share a simple tweak to redirect your Tumblr Blog to your primary website. Like, we have an inactive Tumblr blog, but we have been getting some traffic, so we thought like, okay, we can just redirect this blog to our primary website instead.

Go to your Tumblr blog account settings, in the “Website Theme” option, you will find “Edit Theme”, click on that, then go to “Edit HTML”, there you can enter the below mentioned code inside <head> and </head> tags. You can copy/paste this code right below the <head> tag itself.

<script type=“text/javascript”>

Don’t forget your enter your own website URL here. That’s all. You can preview it and save the blog. Now, our Tumblr blog ( will redirect to our main primary blog ( just like that. I’m not sure how effective this will be, but it’s good to protect your brand’s name, so register an account on Tumblr and grab your username asap.

Tumblr redirection to cure juice

Superb …thanks ton Pradeep :slight_smile:


Pradeep bhai can you tell if we do this way of redirection then the backlink of tumblr will get passed on or not

also will tumlr reidrection be effective in short term or
tumblr redirection be effective in long run

tumblrs redirection is beneficial or contextual from that tumblr?


Bhai, I’m not sure whether this will help or not. Any sort of redirection, if done exclusively for backlinks, is pretty ‘blackhat’ and I’m sure Google will not consider this sort of outcome for ranking.