Ranking with a Low Authority Domain [CASE STUDY]



15 Days back, I started an experiment with one of my site with DA 3 and PA 12. My target was to rank a keyword on the main page with the following stats:

  • Two-word keyword
  • Search Volume - 20k/month
  • Keyword Difficulty (Acc. to KWFinder) = 39
  • Target Location - US

Although I didn’t had any expectations that this experiment would work but in the end it did. After almost 15 days, the article is ranked on No 4 and already beating many other sites with better authority.

Here’s what I did:

  • Content Length - 1500 Words, 6 Images with LSI Alt Tags related to Keyword
  • Didn’t left any guideline indicators from Yoast Plugin, including the readability markers. All should follow.
  • Promoted on Facebook for 3 Days. (200 Engagements INR 240)
  • The target keyword was used in META Description, Title and also on the social description.
  • Wrote another related post on the same blog and interlinked both the posts.
  • Promoted the other post on Facebook for 2 Days. (120+ Engagements, INR 80)
  • Shared the site on Google+.
    -Created a Web 2.0 Property (DA 70+) and added a link to the original post.
  • Created a Profile Backlink on High DA Site 70+ and linked it to the Web 2.0 Property.
  • Bought a cheap PBN Link for $2 and linked it to the Profile Backlink.
  • (EDIT) Bought 5 Profile links for $1 and linked to the PBN Post. (SEOClerks)
  • I did this 4 level tiering to protect my main website from Google’s ban.
  • Use Pinging service to ping only the PBN Post and Profile Links. (Didn’t ping my original post or Web 2.0 Property)

This looks lengthy but it’s just a one day work. My next experiment includes linking PBN Link directly to Web 2.0 property.

I hope this post helps. I’ll post the results of the ongoing experiment after this month. (15 Days Time)
If anyone needs that $1 PBN Post gig link, I can post it here!


Loved it. :smiley: I’d love to know that 1$ pbn link :smiley:

I have some keywords on which I can experiment such things <3

Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for the comment! Here’s the SEOClerks $1 PBN gig

Link: https://goo.gl/cXaBd1


Thanks for the awesome Case Study bro :slight_smile:
Great Share :100:


That was one of the best case study i have seen. many things yet to understand from it.
thank you very much


Be careful about backlinks gig, 90% gig are harmful for your site.

Don’t think like it is just about $1, if I don’t get result then it’s totally fine.

Bad links will hurt your site if your backlinks profile is not strong.


There’s a reason why I did it on level 3 tiering instead of direct linking!


Thank you for the comments bro! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much bro! I hope this will help you somewhere! :slight_smile:


If bucket does not contain any water, then how other bucket(at any level) can get some water from it. PageRank works same like this. If links are bad then it does not carry any weight, and so on your tier links as well.

Google have link spam algorithm which assume every links as edge and every domain as node, if one node get spam link from any other node and it does not have strong backlink profile, then they also consider that node as spam. To know with full detail search this query on Google “google link spam algorithm site:seobythesea.com”


hey @shrivant can i have the link to that article that you ranked in this case study? If you give link it would be more helpful in understanding more from it.