Ranking Got Vanished Automatically! Keywords Are Vanished Totally


Hey Bloggers! I Am facing Very Unpredictable thing in these days!

In the month of December, I raked most of my keywords but now, In Starting of Feb, All Keywords Have Vanished Totally. Previously I am Thinking That My Post Ranking Is Dancing In Google But this is not Google Dance.
My Site Is Totally removed from that keyword for which I am Ranking In Page 1 of Google ( In Month Of December )
I Checked Over 10 Pages Of Google For That Keywords and I am Unable to find My Blog! :frowning:

Probably These are my some mistakes but, I correct them all, Still Not Any Improvement

  • Creating Web2.0s from same IP ( I am Not Using ANY VPN service to access them )
  • Creating Exact matched Achor text backlinks.

My Traffic Is Down approx 60% ( Some of the peoples are saying that this is a seasonal issue )

site: `offergyan.com

So, Is this same issue has happened with someone here? `Is it Possible to rank for those keywords again?
Please Help Me


Do you see any penalty in Google search console?